Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day-Years later

WELL SHIT! I forgot a had a blog. Mind you i never quite get these kind of blogs, in the end what really happens is you end up talking to yourself. i noticed that i had a real Sheri theme going on in the blog...WELL THAT CAME TO A LOT DIDNT IT?! rofl. That's one vagina that shall remain touched...but un-invaded.

Soo....what have i been doing all this time? WELL lets make a list in order!

  1. I stopped seeing Sheri
  2. I started seeing Bitchwhoremonster
  3. I left Storm the Gates and the band broke up
  4. I join Lost Gravity
  5. I dump Bitchwhoremonster
  6. Captain Ahab begins to hunt Bitchwhoremonster
  7. I became a trained and recognised Fitness Professional
  8. I start seeing Sheri again!
  9. I stop seeing Sheri again...
  10. Storm the Gates reforms as Terraforge, I return to the band, but as the singer.
Nobody will read this. Goodbye me.


  1. There's a whole lotta Sheri going on. Kiss and tell kind of a guy, aren't you?

  2. she'll never see, fuck her

  3. Oooh is Lost a private profile. Fancy.