Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day-Years later

WELL SHIT! I forgot a had a blog. Mind you i never quite get these kind of blogs, in the end what really happens is you end up talking to yourself. i noticed that i had a real Sheri theme going on in the blog...WELL THAT CAME TO A LOT DIDNT IT?! rofl. That's one vagina that shall remain touched...but un-invaded.

Soo....what have i been doing all this time? WELL lets make a list in order!

  1. I stopped seeing Sheri
  2. I started seeing Bitchwhoremonster
  3. I left Storm the Gates and the band broke up
  4. I join Lost Gravity
  5. I dump Bitchwhoremonster
  6. Captain Ahab begins to hunt Bitchwhoremonster
  7. I became a trained and recognised Fitness Professional
  8. I start seeing Sheri again!
  9. I stop seeing Sheri again...
  10. Storm the Gates reforms as Terraforge, I return to the band, but as the singer.
Nobody will read this. Goodbye me.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Day...i dunno...third post!!

Ahhhhhhh so much for posting every day christmas saw to that. Im bloody knackered so i dont intent to make this long. Christmas was and suchlike and finger bongos and stuff...also got a ross noble DVD ive been that guy. Anyway i was out today with Sheri in Camden, that was jolly good fun.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Day 2....

Fuckin hell i just remembered to had to post here and its midnight and im tired. I havent even started promoting this thing yet. Oh well...just turned on "walk of life" by dire straits to wake me up...replied to frank on EDF and here i am again. day.


These are the days i dreaded for this blog (fuckin cat needs to stop attacking my hand).

Basically today i didnt leave the house...i smell and my hair is greasy because a giant spider lives in the shower room right now and right now avoiding the giant spider is higher priority than personal hygiene, but hey like i said im not leaving the house lately anyway.

Was talking to Sheri in the morning and texting her in the day...then she disappeared, probably dead which is a mighty shame as i had hoped to invade her underwear in the near future. I kid I kid she'll come back and read this when we are actually together and ill be in there there dear..i love you very much now make me a sandwhich.

OH YEAH! i totally learned jingle bells on the bass and recorded it...i kept forgetting the bastard song though, shoulda paid more attention when i was younger. (oh look james is talking to me on FB)


i just had lasagne



thank you james (who eats lasagne at midnight?)

MONEY FOR NOTHING denenenneeee

oh yeah im out of shit to right arent its christmas eve tomorrow, theres news for you.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Entry Number one...naturally

Okay so i was talking to Gay Degani of Words in Place and we decided i should keep a daily blog following my life. Apparently the goings on in my life are vaguely interesting so i thought "hey why not" So basically i plan to post here everyday about even the mundane things that have happened to me today. Also this is my damn blog about my damn life so this is no place for good grammar or structure or smarty pants things

Well this is my first entry so i guess i had best describe my day so far.

Christmas holidays and the band's December break basically equal to a giant pile of boring twattery. I haven't rehearsed in almost a month and my finger tips are actually sore from playing bass all favourite video being "Keir is Gay" a 40 odd second composition i improvised. Currently im in talks with some promoters about sorting out a gig with Storm The Gates and Sanity Burns There has been a lot of interest expressed over us two sharing a stage, something we haven't done since our old incarnation back at the rock matrix all dayer festival. I saw these guys on sunday and SHIT are they on form. I even vomited from all the intense headbanging and moshpits, its nice to be in the crowd for once.

Oh well ima gonna sit here and listen to some more Dethklok now....